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Are you tired of recruitment agencies that bombard you with unsuitable roles, more interested in their numbers than your skills and ambitions? We focus on quality not quantity.

Excited by the rise of entrepreneurship in Africa, and keen to play a strategic part in this nation’s inspiring story of change and growth? We know that finding the right high-level opportunities is difficult, especially when recruiters seem to simply send you any role that matches your keywords without properly understanding the job or the company.

At Emerging Talent we take the time to discover what you want out of a role as well as what you can bring to it. We partner with you for as long as it takes to find what you’re looking for, acting more like a career consultant than a recruiter.

That means when you work with us you won’t have to spend your time searching job boards or reading through endless, generic role descriptions. You will get a few unique and carefully-chosen opportunities, all with impressive, fast-growing East African businesses driving innovation in technology and social change. Leaving you free to properly prepare for interviews and fully explore which opportunity is the right fit for you.

Our promises to you


We will take the time to get to know you and listen to your goals

We do not push jobs on people just to get our numbers up – we search for specific opportunities that will make the most of your skills, help you achieve your career goals, and fit well with your wider life.


We will find you the right employer as well as the right role

We know you want to work for a company whose values line up with yours – so we will never recommend a role to you without a full understanding of the company’s ethos and working environment.


We will support you throughout each application process

We do not just put you forward for a role and then disappear – we will sit down with you in person and discuss each job in detail, carefully prepare you for the interview, and debrief with you afterwards.


Successful partnerships

A step up and a salary rise

How we helped this candidate secure a strategic Business to Government role, at a company he had long admired…

An exciting opportunity for a scaling expert

How we found this candidate a high-level opportunity leading regional retail development, in a socially-conscious start-up looking to grow…

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