Our passion is connecting businesses across east Africa with the bright, innovative talent they need to grow.

Our Mission

We have spoken with too many businesses who are deeply frustrated by the process of recruiting in East Africa.

Their feeling is that traditional recruitment companies do not fully understand their entrepreneurial nature, they do not appreciate the importance of a candidate embracing and embodying their organisational culture, and they do not recognise the standard of talent needed to help the business be successful in East Africa’s rapidly-expanding marketplace.

So Emerging Talent was founded to offer East African businesses a different kind of recruitment support.

Our focus is on partnering with forward-thinking, high-growth companies to find the people that can drive their business forward and help them make a name for themselves across the continent. That means sourcing bright, innovative candidates who not only want to play a part in the region’s story of change but also have the skills and experience to do that at a high level.

We only work with a small number of businesses at a time, so we can focus our energy on growing relationships and building the connections that help us consistently unearth high-quality talent. With placements in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa, and roles filled by African nationals from both the local market and the diaspora, our successes show our commitment to supporting growth in one of the most diverse and exciting regions of the world.

Meet Jonathan Caldwell, Managing Director

After working in the UK recruitment industry, primarily in the technology and financial services sectors, Jonathan relocated to Kenya. After consulting for several prominent local start-ups, he joined one of the continent’s leading coding academies, where his focus was on securing follow-on roles for their graduates. Taking the relationships, experience, and credibility within the East Africa tech community that he gained during his time in that role, he now uses his networking and headhunting skills to drive Emerging Talent.

Why employers partner with us

We go for quality rather than quantity, pre-screening every candidate so we can bring you the best of East Africa’s talent.

Why candidates partner with us

We take the time to get to know you, only offering you opportunities that truly fit your skills, career goals, and wider life.

Successful partnerships


How we partnered with one of Kenya’s fastest-growing lifestyle brands to find a Head of Operations, to lead their ambitious regional growth strategy…

A step up and a salary rise

How we helped this candidate secure a strategic Business to Government role, at a company he had long admired…

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