Finding our candidate an exciting outlet for her scaling expertise, in a socially-conscious start-up looking to grow

What the candidate was looking for

A Kenyan national in her early 30s, our candidate had completed an Economics degree at Harvard and begun her career as an analyst and consultant at a leading consultancy firm. When we connected with her she was working for a pioneering African education brand as their growth and expansion lead, but was looking for new opportunities.

She was keen to stay in Kenya, excited by the rapidly-changing business landscape and growing economy. She wanted to continue to play a role in the growth of a business, as her passion is helping to scale small but ambitious companies. It was also important to her to work for a socially-conscious company having a positive impact on Africa, contributing to the nation’s development.

How we approached the search

We listened carefully to what she wanted, both in terms of her career and how her ideal job would fit into her wider life. It didn’t take long to find a number of opportunities through our network. However, there was a clear front-runner that we felt would be a perfect fit for her skills – one of Kenya’s fastest-growing lifestyle brands was looking for a Head of Operations to grow their business across East Africa.

We discussed the position in detail, from the key responsibilities of the role to the culture of the organisation, and together we agreed she would be put forward for the job. When she was invited to interview we supported her at every stage, carefully preparing her for each discussion and set of tasks as well as debriefing with her afterwards.

The success of the partnership

When she was offered the position, we worked closely with both parties to negotiate a salary and benefits package that equally satisfied her expectations and the client’s budget.

She has now been in the role for six months and has had a huge impact on the success and growth of the retail arm of the business.


Navigating the recruiting process in Kenya on my own was frustrating: it’s crowded with unclear and generic job descriptions, and processes can be slow and inefficient. Emerging Talent cleared through all that noise for me and narrowed it down to a short-list of opportunities that were clearly defined, reputable, and made sense for me. They spent time getting to understand my skill set and interests, and never had an agenda to influence my decisions. It was like having a friend as a sounding board! I am very happy with the role I have taken and I would never have found it if not for Emerging Talent.


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