Supporting the growth of an exciting, socially-conscious Kenyan start-up

What the employer was looking for

One of Kenya’s fastest-growing lifestyle brands, our client was on a mission to offer stylish, affordable furniture across East Africa. When they approached us they were looking to recruit a Head of Business Development who would help lead their ambitious growth strategy. They had been using other recruitment agencies, but had struggled to find the calibre of candidate they needed.

It was essential that their new hire was a strong analytical thinker, with proven experience of decision-making at a high level, an entrepreneurial streak, and confidence working in a start-up environment. It was also hugely important to the client that the successful candidate had a passion for their social aims and be a good fit with the organisational culture.

How we approached the challenge

We grounded our search in our own networks initially, using our regional and industry relationships to gain introductions to new talent in both the active and passive markets. Once we had a long list of potential candidates we further explored their suitability using a thorough pre-screening process designed by the client. This helped us be sure we were measuring against the right competencies, and it saved time and admin for their internal HR team.

One month after taking the brief, we presented four candidates to our client – and all of them were invited to interview.

The success of the partnership

After several rounds of interviews, our client identified the candidate they wanted to pursue – a Kenyan national currently studying in the US, keen to return to Kenya after completing their MBA at an Ivy League college. We supported both the client and the candidate through the process of remote interviews as well as an on-site visit, which gave both parties an opportunity to more fully consider whether they were a good fit.

When the decision was made to move forward with an offer of employment, we were able to negotiate a salary, benefits, and relocation package that worked for both the client and the candidate. One year later, the candidate has been a critical factor in the success and continued growth of the organisation.


We’ve worked with many recruiters over the years with a lot of frustrations. It was common to get a high volume of resumes that were either not well-vetted or just didn’t meet the candidate requirements. Recruiting with those agencies took a lot of our time without a lot of success. With Emerging Talent, they really help me out by doing most of the work (from writing the job description, strongly vetting candidates, background research, and selling the company to the candidates) before a resume ever even gets to me. Every resume I receive is qualified and vetted. I’ve hired many candidates through Emerging Talent, so I can vouch for their high success rate.


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